Reggie is the host of the Str8-Talks Podcast.  He has been the host since it’s inception in 2014.  With co-host Frankie aka Cleveland, Lynn, and Brianna, the show sets out to take a light hearted view on many popular issues involving entertainment, sports, sex, music and social issues.  With his amazing ability to have an opinion on everything coupled with his sarcasm and  quick wit,  you will have no choice but to be entertained.  

Every July, Reggie will mix his favourite house, reggae and hip hop songs and give you a summer sampler as well as a new volume of The Tanquaray Chronicles

A diehard New York Knicks, Arsenal FC, Baltimore Ravens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and FC fan and the leader of the why leebron? Movement,  the podcast will have many guest hosts who will agree and disagree with his views which will make for great listening.